We're expecting  our C- litter in summer 2023. The puppies will left our home with VDH/FCI pedigree, vaccination, dewormed, lash and collar etc. To  give away in the best hands worldwide, no dissidence (AKC possible)! Only for FCI or recognized. NOT TO BE HANDED OVER IN KENNEL!!! 

Mutter/ dam: Ch. Holly von Haus Rubens (HD A2- FREI/free (hips), ED 0/0 (elbows), PHPT negativ (by descent), DNA Profile

Vater/ Sire: C.I.B., JCh Rus, JCh RFK, JCh Club Rus, Ch. Rus, Ch RFK, Ch Club, Rus, Ch CZ (HD A free) Pushistikoff Rush For Gaudi Graffiti